SECO Controls, LLC proudly represents these leaders in process instrumention control.

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ABB - Instrumentation

Magnetic, Vortex & Swirl Flowmeters
t Wedgemeter
t Pressure & Temperature Transmitters
t Remote Seals
t Process Controllers
t Recorders & Indicators
t Positioners
t V/A Meters
t Profibus & Foundation Fieldbus Enabled


ABB - Analytical

"Complete Analysis for Liquids & Gases"
t pH/ORP, Conductivity / Resistivity,
DO, Turbidity
t Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers
t SMA 90 Series O2 Analyzer for Combustion Analysis
t Silica/Phosphate, Hydrazine, Fluoride, Ammonia, Nitrate, Chloride



Magnetic Level Gauges - Transmitter & Switches
t Thermal Dispersion Switches
t Instrumentation for Point Level & Continuous Level Measurement


Ametek Drexelbrook

A Global Leader in Level Measurement Technology
t Point Level; Continuous Level
t Pioneering & Continued Advancement of RF Admittance Level Instrumentation
t Continuous Ultrasonic
t Point Level Ultrasonic Gap
t Magnetostrictive
t Hydrostatic
t Radar


SAGE Metering, Inc.

Innovative Manufacturer of high-performance natural gas flowmeters and thermal mass flowmeters
t Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Portable Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters


KPSI Level and Pressure Transducers

Manufacaturer of Industry recognized KPSI Level & Pressure Transducers including:
t Hydrostatic Level Sensors
t Submersible Level Transducers
t Pressure Transducers
t Instrumentation for environmental, municipal water management & other industrial process applications




Signal Conditioners, Transmitters, Isolators and Alarms, Math Computation, Power Supplies
t Fieldbus Solutions support Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, HART, and LonWorks I/O Network


Sierra Monitor Corporation

Combustible Gas, Toxic Gas, Oxygen Deficiency Gas Monitors and Gas Detection Systems
t Fixed Gas Detectors
t Gas Monitors
t Flame Detectors and Hazardous Gas Detection Systems for Industrial and Municipal Markets


MicroMod Automation

Application-Smart Control Solutions
t Micro-DCI Control Products (developed by Fischer & Porter)
t Modcell Products from ABB/Taylor
t SLC/CLC products from Bailey




Ziegler & Associates

Instrumentation for the Sugar Refining Industry
t Oversaturation & Consistency Monitors
t Brix, Turbidity, & Suspended Solids Monitors